Benefits of Zentangle

Easy to Learn


Fun to Create


This inexpensive, fun and relaxing technique may help renew, re-energize, refresh and refocus your mind and spirit. A zentangle has no pre-determined outcome. It is not intended to be a picture of anything. Ideas and patterns develop as you draw. And the best part: there are no mistakes!

By learning to create beautiful art with repetitive patterns, you can increase focus and creativity, reduce stress, experience artistic satisfaction with an increased sense of personal well-being.

  • Fun – Portable – you can do it anywhere -Inexpensive
  • Easy – no artistic talent or background required
  • Inspires creativity – great for breaking through that artist’s block
  • Provides artistic satisfaction
  • Increases sense of personal well being
  • Analog art form – no technology needed
  • Relaxies, Meditative and Mindful
  • Improves eye/hand coordination
  • Increases attention span and concentration

Your Instructor

Bette Beauregard, Nevada’s first Certified Zentangle Teacher, has been teaching a variety of classes and supporting students for over 25 years in the Las Vegas Valley. She loves Zentangle and it shows in her supporting, caring attitude with her students.

  • Providing an encouraging, patient, supportive learning environment
  • Empowering learning through an adaptable teaching style
  • Meeting the pace and abilities of each student
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